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If there's one thing we know better than anything else, it's sunless tanning. Created for both novice & experienced tanners, Infinite Bronze Luxe Self Tanning Mousse gives you the ability to recreate the deep but natural looking tan you get from a professional spray tan, at home, within minutes. Our custom formula with bronzer provides you with instant color that ensures an easy, streak free application while developing into a deeper, dark but natural tan  - Compliments all skin tones  - 
Our Luxe Bronzing Applicator Mitt is highly recommended but sold separately

Exfoliate entire body with our Luxe Skin Exfoliating Mitt so that skin is clean and free from dead skin cells and/or  moisturizer + products. Remember to take a Before photo for us! Hint Hint! ;)

Pump mousse directly onto your Luxe Bronzing Applicator Mitt + using long, sweeping motions, smooth onto legs, arms + body. Use remaining tan on the mitt for face, elbows, feet + knees. 

Step 3
For a longer lasting dark tan, leave on for up to 8 hours before showering with warm water. Gently pat skin dry. For the deepest tan, apply a second coat of Infinite Bronze after initial application is dry.
Now its time to take an After photo for us and hashtag #infinitebronzetan 

*Tag us in photos of you wearing your favorite Infinite Bronze tanner & use our hashtag to score discounts on your next order


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